Adirondack Cooperative Economy

We are a new community of concerned citizens and businesses that wants not only to boost our economy but bring about a shift in our attitude towards money.

Coming Back Soon – see Addendum

October 2013I’m paddling back as fast as I can (so to speak). You may have wondered that there has been no action here for a while, at least not online. I, the administrator of this site, have been away on private business the past three months. But soon, November 1st, I will be back with new energy and new ideas. Among other things I have been looking into regional currency in Germany. Almost all regions of Germany now have regional currencies, interchangeable with Euros. This is already a good step towards keeping money local. I also ran into another exciting new form of currency called “Minutos” which is making waves especially among sustainable living networks. I will be reporting more on this soon. See  At least one of the videos is in English and the forms are also available in English. The video is posted here in the category “learn more”. Check it out. It is based on an absolutely decentralized system in which each member takes on full responsibility for his or her involvement. The most exciting aspect for me is that four people anywhere in the world can start this currency moving immediately without any investment. The currency can be downloaded or even created without a computer or internet access. I will let the site speak for itself. It is working and it is fun! Its all about networking and communicating. When the crash comes (I mean how long can raising the debt ceiling work folks?) we all, anywhere in the world can immediately start using this system if we don’t already have one of our own by then. Till soon. Anna

Addendum: I have found the platform for our online mutual credit exchange at last. Here is the site to view a demonstration. There are three versions to see how it can work. We will be presenting this idea along with the Minutos at our next meeting mid November – exact date and place to be announced. Please check it out before then.


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