Adirondack Cooperative Economy

We are a new community of concerned citizens and businesses that wants not only to boost our economy but bring about a shift in our attitude towards money.

Supporting Members

This is the list of our non-storefront supporting members – alphabetical by first names – updated 2/9/14
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– to view all members by community click here

Alex Chaucer
Middle Grove
– Mapping, Training, Marketing, Web

Amanda Savarie

Anna Busser Erik
– Advice on community building with ADK Bucks,
– Tonfeld Clay Therapy,
– Computer courses,
– Rooms for rent

Barbara Boggia

Colleen Combs

Daphne Taylor
Glens Falls

David Delozier
Saratoga Springs

Elizabeth (Lisa) Adamson     656-9794     Lake George
Teach: webpage design – creation of a very simple weebly website, crochetting with plastic bags, sell: book illustrations trivets

George Goodwin     644-9486     Bolton
Photography, design, painting

Jamie O’Hara & Craig Fitzgerald     924-2580     Wells
Intentional Sustainable Community, books

Jane Skorko
623-2326     Diamond Point
Land available for farming or community gardens, indoor space for musical venues of up to 30 people

Jayne Bouder     793-3770     Queensbury
Property maintenance and leading hikes

Jennifer Bird     623-2273     Chestertown
beekeeping and herbs

Jill Bodner     743-9619     Queensbury
Property Maintenance, Gardening, Lawn Care, Cat & Dog Sitting

Karen & Karl Duell or
moved to Montana

Kathy Mosher-Hill     623-9040     Warrensburgh

Kathy Varney      260-1074     Warrensburgh

Kelsey Ernst & Kevin Fodness     832-9238     Hudson Falls
Vegetables in season

Leanna Lenhart     668-5234     Lake George

Linda Zila     494-5687     Chestertown

Lynn A McDonald     494-8001     Chestertown

Michael Tracy Ireland     Schenectady
ACE Economic Advisor

Patricia Campbell
moved to western NY

Paul Gilchrist     623-3162     Warrensburgh

Rocco Antonelli     Florida
Online music for your website

Ruth Lamb      761-6125     Queensbury

Scott Cooper     350-2281     Ballston Spa

Sheila Weaver     494-4962     Warrensburgh
Native American Crafts, Usui Reiki, Empathic Healing, Life Guidance, Workshops in Cohesive Corporate Team Growth 20% in ADK Bucks or Trade

Steve Ruzbacki
251-3298     Olmsteadville
In the Spring: Free Range Turkeys, Bantam Chicken Eggs, Herbs, Vegetables

Ted Galusha                                                                                            
     623-4519      Warrensburgh
ADK Style Wooden Scroll Saw Work – clocks, placques, decorations, special orders

Teresa A. Whalen     466-5497     Warrensburgh
skills with beautification and gardening with youth groups, landscape design and planting services


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