Adirondack Cooperative Economy

We are a new community of concerned citizens and businesses that wants not only to boost our economy but bring about a shift in our attitude towards money.


The following goods and services are presently wanted by members of the Adirondack Cooperative  Economy:

(links on names bring you to the page with contact information)


New Home Wanted: in the Warrensburg Area. Will trade living situation for chores of cooking, baking, hospitality, yard work just to be in the Adirondacks for the summer. If the balance is not even we can trade partly in Adirondack Bucks!  April 4:

I am still looking to find a summer situation (July and Aug.) in the field of care giving, or hospitality. I speak moderate french and a little german if that is a plus for anyone. Would love to be in the mts”.      Patty Campbell793-7827

Computers, Electronics, Cameras

Digital Camera and Computer Wanted:  in good working order.  Thank you.  Anna Busser – 494-3872


Bobcat, Landmoving Equipment and Driver wanted – John and I have been trying for several years now to address our backyard.  Last Spring we filled in the inground pool that was not up to code and occupied a large portion of our relatively level area. We were hoping to develop this area into gardens and seating opportunities, with a more naturalized water feature. Cs there someone amongst the ACE members with small equipment (ie. Bobcat).  We have been working on this area and the connection to the lake without heavy equipment, but need help with grading and bringing in top soil.  We have some US $, ADK Bucks and also could trade services.
Teresa A Whalen – 466-5497


Organic Corn Wanted: For Harvest 2013 – I am looking for that elusive organic corn grown from heirloom (non Monsanto) seeds and grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It does not have to be ‘certified organic’ I need a large quantity to eat and freeze for the winter. (for a family) Anna Busser – 494-3872

Winter Greens Wanted: in the Warrensburg area  Anna Busser – 494-3872


Planting People Wanted:
Are you interested in learning more about starting and planting a Veggie garden?
Join us with other like minded people at our Greenhouse and Field to have a fun time: starting veggie seeds in our Greenhouse, or preparing/ planting our field. This is a volunteer offering but as a thank you we will send you home with some seed starting supplies.
Where: Riordan Family Farm. 264 Diamond Point Rd. Diamond Point NY
When: 4/13-5/31/2013 Flexible, come a few hours or everyday, during business hours, closed Sundays
Qualifications: A desire to plant and a good back
Pay: Volunteer opportunity but you will go home with some seed starting supplies, seed, veggie plants from our inventory and/or ADK Bucks as a thank you.
Contact: Brendan Riordan 623-9712 email:
We are a not for profit Christian  organization

Hardwood Woodchips and Clean Fill Soil also wanted – Brendan Riordan 623-9712 email:

Kitchen Wares

Dehydrator Wanted – I am looking for the real old fashioned deal: metal casing, stainless steel screening. I will also consider trays that fit into my oven. Anna Busser – 494-3872

Outdoor Grounds Maintenance

I am Looking for Light Farm Labor and Property Maintenenance work: experience with horses, outdoor work – Jayne Bouder 793-3770


Rides to off the beaten path where the bus does not go: When you happen to be in Glens Falls and heading into the mts. call me with two days notice about rideshar.  Patricia Campbell

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