Adirondack Cooperative Economy

We are a new community of concerned citizens and businesses that wants not only to boost our economy but bring about a shift in our attitude towards money.

Adirondack Bucks (Local Currency)

are now available in 1, 5, 10, 20 ADK Buck denominations

How to Use Adirondack Bucks

With so many new businesses and the currency getting underway in a more serious manner, I would like to review how to use it to prevent misunderstandings. If there is still confusion, please feel free to call me at 494-3870 or Email me at

The Adirondack Bucks are a perfectly legal, taxable currency like US $. The difference is that they cannot be used nationally, only locally. We have started in Warrensburg as one must first saturate one local community with participating members so that the currency will function. But as one community functions we can expand to the next neighboring one. We hope eventually to become the regional currency of the Adirondacks (thus the name), based on local village economies that can also trade with eachother. One ADK Buck is presently worth one US $. It can also exist independently of the Dollar should anything happen to our national currency. Our currency is extremely stable as it is backed by real goods and services of our local businesses and other member skills.

You are part of a New Enterprise. It works in thousands of different forms elsewhere (the oldest existing one being the WIR Bank in Switzerland founded in 1931 during – and in response to – the Depression). However, now we are in the creation process. We all want this to succeed so we will proceed carefully, introducing the currency slowly as members join, agreeing to use and accept the Bucks in return for actual goods and services. This is your organization; please give us feedback and ideas !! 

The idea is to only take in as many Adirondack Bucks as you can spend in a reasonable amount of time – on things you need. This might take some time to figure out and may change as new businesses join and more items becomes available. However with our varied businesses there should be something for everyone at this point. Each business needs to decide how much it will accept in Adirondack Bucks and for what items. A growing group of businesses is now accepting 100% Adirondack Bucks. (Bills Restaurant, Our Simple Life Farm, Riordan Family Farm – Living off the Land Seed and Emergency Supply Store, Whitefield’s Farm, Raven & Ring Antiques, AMPs Computer – Repair and Webpage Creation) Tax Express will take care of your tax report or do your accounting for 50% ADK Bucks.   One business may start with one promotional item like Krystal Chysler Jeep Dodge (20% ADK Bucks towards an oil change) or Nemecs (10% on Bird Seed).  Sales Tax, where applicable, is paid on the full amount. The Adirondack Journal will take part payment in ADK Bucks for advertising.

It is important to keep the currency circulating and not stagnating or collecting somewhere. I carry my ADK Bucks with me in my wallet with my US $ and use them every time I go to a participating business. If you find it extremely easy to spend your Bucks, so that you never have enough, then increase the amount you will accept or offer more items. If you are an extremely popular business and are taking in the Bucks hand over fist with all your new customers and can’t spend it fast enough then consider finding more places to use them. Invite your fellow businesses to join. Please call or Email me if you have questions. And please be patient. This will become easier as we grow and get used to it.

And thank you again for placing your trust in your fellow businesses, your regional currency and your community.

How to Acquire Adirondack Bucks:

Become an “Active Business Member” for $25 annually and receive 25 ADK Bucks in return.
See: “Sign up”
You can use them with any member business. We encourage you to accept 100% ADK Bucks as this works the best for everyone. If you collect too many ADK Bucks and cannot use them fast enough you may redeem them for a 5% redemption fee, if needed.
As an active member you may

  • list your skills, goods and services on this site and earn ADK Bucks. To place a listing send the information to
  • Sell your goods and services to other members. See Offered & Wanted Listings
  • Work for Members – see: Opportunities to Earn ADK Bucks
  • Perform services for the Adirondack Cooperative Economy
    see   Marketplace – Business Members,

Be a “Supporting Member”  We encourage you to become an active member so that you can participate in the trade network offered here. However if you choose to be a passive participant at this point and nevertheless want to support the effort with US $ which we can always use for our projects (building up the system) you can purchase ADK Bucks for Dollars. You can now purchase 100 ADK Bucks for $95, thus, in effect receiving 5% more purchasing power. The ADK Bucks you then use will go towards increasing the supply of ADK Bucks in circulation.

Thank  you for learning about our local currency!

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