Adirondack Cooperative Economy

We are a new community of concerned citizens and businesses that wants not only to boost our economy but bring about a shift in our attitude towards money.

Whats Next? updated Dec 27


Can you spare a few moments to take this survey?
Please help us gather feedback about the use of the ADK Bucks in this first year so that we can make changes and improvements. All answers are helpful. If you are not a member yet please share what you would like to see offered. Please fill in the survey above, so we can use the results for our January annual members meeting.

Collecting ideas for our Annual Members Meeting in January:

(This is a place to review what we have done so far, what has worked and what not, to put in your ideas, improvements, changes. This will be a compilation of Emails, surveys, comments from Facebook and here).

As of December 27, we have received 17 replies. And that with the Christmas rush and all! Thank you hardy souls!

I don’t know if people realize that when you put a currency “out there” there is no way to track it or know what is working and what is not, unless there is feedback

So far certain tendencies have become apparent.

People mostly like using the ADK Bucks and think the idea is good – with some changes:

1. more businesses involved in each community
2. easier to use: member businesses accepting all Adirondack Bucks
3. redemption option: of Bucks when a business collects too many and what they need is not yet available in the system

Business Wish List: BASICS!!!: Local Organic Food (more of it at a good price), animal feed: non GMO feed and hay, gluten free products, hardware, garden  and bird seed, tradespeople: carpenters, electricians, plumbers, roofers, snowplowers etc., copy shop, music supplies, abrasive materials (for knife sharpening business), firewood, dump coupons, construction materials, clothing and shoes, craft supplies (list to be continued). And the main thing is to be able to spend all one’s bucks. As one woman pointed out: “I can’t afford to spend 80 US$ on restaurants so that I can use the 8 ADK Bucks I have”. Good Point.

We had our ADK Buck Christmas Market taking 100% ADK Bucks and it was a success, especially for our food vendors. Crafts went a bit slow but that went in keeping with general economic tendencies. So this confirms the 100% idea.

Another factor is that the town wide survey, sent out by the town has come in and is presently being worked on. People generally want more basic goods available locally for competitive prices – or they will continue to shop elsewhere. Some of the items on the town wide wish list can be found above.

I would like to address this “redemption option” at our next business meeting. It is something we have tried to avoid for reasons that have been mentioned “ad nausiam” in other parts of this website. However, in this phase of ACE and the general economic situation of our local businesses it might be necessary to get the ball rolling and give people the necessary confidence to become involved and accept 100% Bucks. This redemption option is being practiced by some currencies that are being well circulated (Berkshares, Chiemgauer – in Bavaria, many Transition Town currencies). To make a redemption possible it would have to be financed (as the first membership fees covered the printing of the money and advertising). This could be done with a 5% redemption fee.

Then, once the system is really up and running actively, then we can become creative. But that is future music. As one of my friends keeps telling me, I am “hopelessly optimistic and idealistic”…but I am so with enthusiasm, faith and confidence.


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